At Landtran Logistics, we know that our people are our company. Our strong commitment to our employees means that we have a very low employee turnover rate. As our focus is on dedicated services, work cycles are generally very consistent and predictable, with no seasonal downturns.

We are proud to have a culture where the safety of our staff is more than a priority--it's a way of life. Our safety incentive plan rewards our safe drivers and dock personnel, and we are proud of our driver mentoring program. We have a competitive benefits package. Our company operates with leased and fully maintained equipment.

Landtran Logistics is part of the larger Landtran Group of Companies, which provides transfer opportunities within the Group.

Landtran Logistics is solidly positioned for challenging and rewarding long-term careers.

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October 9, 2018

The Connector Newsletter

Issue 42 of the Connector Newsletter

September 1, 2018

Landtran Truckload Open House

LandtranTL Open House in Acheson, AB is Sept 11-12 from 11am-2pm.